This year OHS teachers will be assessing students on five essential skills for learning and success. Those skills are respect, responsibility, perseverance, collaboration, and self-advocacy. At the end of every nine week grading period, these skills will be reported based on the following metrics: + which indicates the student demonstrates this skill most of the time, ^ which indicates the student demonstrates the skill some of the time, and / which indicates the student rarely demonstrates the skill. Each teacher will report on these five skills to parents at the end of every nine week grading period throughout the year.

Some examples for each of the skills are listed below:


  • I can treat others with kindness.

  • I can follow rules.

  • I can show compassion


  • I complete my assignments in a timely manner.

  • I can follow directions the first time.

  • I am on time.

  • I am prepared for learning.

  • I use feedback to improve my learning


  • I can ask for help when needed.

  • I use mistakes to help me learn.

  • I can seek resources for learning.

  • I challenge myself and take risks.

  • I can take ownership of my learning.


  • I never give up.

  • I do my best.

  • I overcome adversity.

  • I can face all challenges with confidence.


  • I can work in a team with others.

  • I can communicate with others to solve problems.

  • I can encourage others to fulfill their potential.