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Senior Photos

There are two ways your child can get his or her picture in the yearbook:

  1. Meet with a professional photographer in the area and have your child photographed in as many different poses and scenes that you, they, and your pocketbook think is reasonable.

  2. Skip getting senior photos done altogether and have your child get his or her picture taken with the underclassmen at school on September 5, just like they have done their first three years of high school. You can buy the same ol’ head-and-shoulders shots you’ve always been given the option of buying from school picture day if you want them.

If you’ve paid good money (or are about to pay good money) to have pictures taken professionally by an area photographer, you and your child get to decide which photo you’d like to have appear next to their name in their senior book. If you do choose this option, however, I have a few rules:

  • Picture should be of head and shoulders (no full-body shots, no extreme close-ups of the face).

  • Student should be sitting or standing up (not lying down)

  • Student’s face must be looking straight on, not angled to one side or another.

  • Picture must be in color (no black-and-white, please)

  • No hats or sunglasses.

  • No animals.

  • School dress code rules apply.

Other than that, the content of the picture is up to you. They can wear a shirt and tie, or something more casual. It can be staged inside or outside. Whatever floats your boat and gets the job done!

This can be submitted either as a digital copy (preferably a JPEG) or a paper copy (which we could just scan and then give back). I need these photos to be submitted to me by Tuesday, November 21, 2017. Please make appointments for your photos in plenty of time to get a picture chosen for the yearbook, or else we’ll have to use the one the students take here at school that also appears on their student ID’s.

I understand that many families choose not to spend money on senior photographs because, admittedly, they can get pretty expensive. If that’s the case, we will take your child’s picture on underclass picture day on September 5 and simply use that for the yearbook. We will only use these pictures if we do not receive a senior photo in time for the senior picture section of the yearbook to be completed. This is our last resort, but we insist on having every senior in the class in the yearbook, so that picture is better than nothing!

If the photos they end up taking at school turn out great, you will be given the opportunity to purchase a package at the same prices the underclass students are given. If that doesn’t interest you, at least we’ll have a picture for the yearbook and they’ll have a student ID. We also have a re-take day if students are not here in the fall for the first portrait day (or just forget to dress nicely that day), so there are two chances to get these pictures taken.


Finally, many of you will be interested in purchasing a yearbook for your child’s senior year, so to give you a head’s up on that, just know that they will be $55 if purchased in 2017 ($65 if purchased after New Year’s), and they will go on sale after Homecoming in early October.