What You Need to Know | Devices Over Break

In order to maximize the flexibility of our COVID response, K-5 devices (including previously delivered hotspots) will be going home with students before holiday break.  Please observe these simple suggestions to make sure there are minimal issues when these devices need to be used again for school again on January 6th, whether we are back in-person or need pivot to remote learning.  These suggestions also apply for our secondary students.

  1. Please Keep Your Chromebooks Charged.  In some instances, fully discharging the battery on our chromebooks can prevent the device from powering on properly.  To avoid this possibility, periodically charge your chromebook over break.
  2. Limit Use to Avoid Accidents.  The less the device is used, the less opportunity exists for an accident to cause damage which requires repair.  Store devices in a safe location, charge them periodically (see point 1), and refrain from traveling with them.  A reminder of our device repair policy and fee determination can be found here.

Stay safe and have a wonderful holiday!