First indoor meet for the Olympia girls track team.
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Cogdal 24
For those who could not attend our Virtual Information Session on February 29, you can view the meeting in full by visiting: #MaintainRetainInnovate #TaxSwap #VoteMarch19
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Both IEPs and 504 plans support students with learning challenges, but how are they different? What plan is right for my student? Join us for a 30-minute message and learn how these plans might support your student. Register today!
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IEP vs 504
Our brains are great at using past experiences to make quick decisions on the fly, but these shortcuts can also lead to bias. "Confirmation bias" is our brain's tendency to seek out information that confirms things we already think we know. Help your students learn to recognize this when they encounter news online, as a way to examine competing opinions and ideas and to avoid drawing questionable conclusions.
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Confirmation Bias
Baseball players: plan on being outside for practice at 3:30 on Monday. Make sure you have inside and outside practice clothes with you all week. Make sure to get registered and have physical stuff turned into the office by Monday.
7 days ago, Olympia Baseball
Mrs. Jennings (OWE 4th Grade) and Mr. Keith (Bus Driver) were the recipients of the last Fresh Cookie Friday celebration. Congratulations to these two staff members!
7 days ago, LAURA O'DONNELL
Reminders: No baseball open gym tonight (Thursday, Feb 22) Season starts Monday. (Feb 26) Make sure players are registered on 8to18 and have a current physical turned into the office. More info for Monday will be posted soon.
9 days ago, Olympia Baseball
Family Tip Sheet: is where millions of people stop first for information. Tools like it are what make the internet so valuable. But they also teach an important lesson, one you can start teaching your kids now: don’t believe everything you read.
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The Olympia Baseball store has been extended to Friday at 8am.
10 days ago, Olympia Baseball
Check out this list of trustworthy resources to help you learn what's true (and what is not!) on the web. You can even use one of them to look back in time and what was on a website in the past!
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Fearless Fact Finding
Reminders: Baseball open gym will be Tuesday, Feb 20th at 5:45 in the HS gym. Also, baseball team store closes at 8:00am on Wednesday, all orders will need to be placed before that time.
12 days ago, Olympia Baseball
Show your children how you get news and information from different places, and explain how you make your choices. Use words like "credible," "trustworthy," "respected," and "fair." Ask them where they get their information, and if they think about those same words when choosing. As kids get older, introduce the ideas of bias, satire, and clickbait. Is generative AI, like ChatGPT, a trustworthy site for news and information?
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Fake news tip 5
If a picture's worth a thousand words, do the words always tell a true story? One way to find out is through a reverse image search. Search with an image instead of a keyword and see what you discover!
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Reverse Image Search
Talk through the kind of content you and your tween or teen pass along to friends online. What types of things do you like to share? Do you always check to make sure something is true before you share it? How do emotions factor into your decisions to share things? Have you ever shared something and later found out it wasn't true?
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Fake news tip 4
The Olympia baseball store will be open now through next Wednesday, February 21st. Follow the link to gear up for the upcoming season!
17 days ago, Olympia Baseball
The Seniors named as Illinois State Scholars were recognized at the Board of Education meeting this month. Students are identified for this honor as a result of SAT scores and high school coursework / GPA. Congratulations to these students and those that couldn't be at the meeting! We are so proud of you!
18 days ago, LAURA O'DONNELL
State Scholars
Video: Family Activity: Decoding Images. Kids find and read news in lots of different ways. But studies show they're not very good at interpreting what they see. How can we help them get better? Teaching your children about the structure of online news articles is an important place to start.
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Reading News Online
The Olympia Board of Education approved naming the OHMS baseball field the 'Ron Smith Field'. The District is working with OPBA to plan a dedication on OPBA Day - April 6th. Thank you Coach for the positive impact you have had on so many student athletes!
18 days ago, LAURA O'DONNELL
Coach Smith
Today at Olympia
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Use real-life examples to help kids understand how people can view the same situation with totally different perspectives. One child might experience a game on the playground as fun, while another might feel like the rules are unfair. Sibling conflict can be a great example of how two people can have wildly different opinions about the same event. With older children, talk through controversial subjects and take turns arguing for different sides to help kids understand various viewpoints.
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Fake news tip 3