Spartan Straight Talk


I am thankful to work in a district that is always working to improve itself. It is encouraging to have leadership that desires to help their staff grow as well as their students.

- Marybeth Rebbec

Bryce Hoffman

I enjoy working at Olympia because we have great support from our entire community...parents, administration, school board, alumni, and local businesses!

- Bryce Hoffman | OHS Ag Teacher

Joel Brigham

The kids are great, the parents are supportive, and my coworkers are like a family to me. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

- Joel Brigham | OHS ELA Teacher

Wendy Wade

I love the sense of community and family. My team's mantra has always been 'Family first!" And now I realize that this includes my Oly family. The personal support can be overwhelming!

- Wendy Wade | OMS ELA Teacher

Angie S.

I grew up in the district, graduated from OHS, and currently reside and work in the Olympia West community. I can't imagine a better place to raise my family and work as a teacher. This district goes above and beyond to provide the best learning environment for our students.

- Angela Swartzendruber | OWE 4th Grade


This district has been so welcoming to me. The energy here is entirely positive and it’s very clear the direction we want to steer our programs hereβ€”to the benefit of our students.

- Laura Johnson | OMS Art

Emily Weyl

The students and families at Olympia are the best!

- Emily Weyl | OWE Kindergarten Teacher


Our administration has a commitment to a thriving IT department that supports staff and students both instructionally and logistically.

- Sean Mullins | IT Director

Points of Pride


The Class of 2020 boasted 15 Illinois State Scholars. Students are named Illinois State Scholars for exemplary SAT scores and outstanding high school grade point averages.


Olympia activities feature numerous all-district musicians, fantastic plays and musicals each year, and the highlight of our music department, the Madrigal Feast.


All Olympia buildings are climate controlled, much of which is accomplished through geothermal. All schools also employ the use of solar panels, which has created tremendous savings for the district with energy costs.


Olympia is committed to providing students with access to all types of state of the art technology. K-2 iPads in each room. 3-5 Chromebooks in each room. 6-12 take home Chromebooks. * Wifi on many busses


The Olympia Foundation for Education (OFFE) distributes grants to Olympia teachers for supplemental and enrichment programs. To date, over $30,000 dollars have been awarded to Olympia faculty!


The Illinois State Board of Education rates school district finances each year. We have fell into the two highest categories each of the last 15 years (Financial Recognition/Review).


100 individuals and 19 teams inducted into the Olympia Activities Hall of Fame.


16 individual and 8 team state champions in activities and athletics for OMS and 11 individual and 6 team state champions in activities and athletics for OHS