Tax Rate Comparisons

When compared to area school districts, Olympia currently ranks 17th of 21 area districts. For the full breakdown of that listing, click here: Area Tax Rates

Overall Tax Rate

Currently, the tax rate in the Education fund is $2.90 for Olympia. There is only one local district with a lower rate in the Education fund. That district recently passed a referendum to increase their Education rate, so once that takes effect, Olympia will have the lowest Education rate in the area. If voters approve the Education rate tax swap with Bond and Interest, the tax rate in the Education fund would move to $3.40, which would be a lower rate than multiple area school districts.

Tax Rate Before and After

Olympia also ranks as having one of the lowest tax rates in the area in the Operations and Maintenance fund in the area as well. If the Operations and Maintenance question is approved, that rate would increase to $0.75.

O+M Tax Rate